A Method of Warning About Unauthorized Access to a Room

access security, cyberattacks, tactile sensor, Velostat


  • Cristian-Ovidiu OPRIȘ
    cristian.opris@upb.ro (Primary Contact)
    Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology, University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest, Romania


This paper is based on the study of cybercrime in the context of a world based on technology. Whether it is financial losses, data leaks or mental trauma resulting from harassment in the online environment, cybercrime is part of the reality of the modern world, where the multiple advantages of using the most advanced technologies bring with them disadvantages that cannot be ignored. We will treat the types of cyberattacks, but also the methods by which we can protect ourselves as much as possible. An example of increasing the degree of security in terms of physical access to a room containing sensitive information, achieved at low cost, is also provided. A "smart" entrance mat is used to provide access, a coconut fiber mat into which Linqstat (Velostat) tactile force sensors and the data processing electronics provided by them have been inserted.