Security Testing for E-Commerce Applications

e-Commerce Security, Security Testing, Software Vulnerability, Software Risk Mitigation, Automated Security Tools


  • Alexandru-Petrișor LAZĂRA (Primary Contact)
    Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology, University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest, Romania


Over the past decade, as the e-Commerce market has evolved into a shopping ecosystem involving multiple devices and store concepts, retailers have been continuously innovating the online shopping experience introducing convenient features like multi-device optimizations, product customization, quick and secure checkout processes, or recurrent payments to attract more customers and influence purchase decisions. The main guidelines that are followed in this paper are revolving around security testing and how it can be performed in the form of manual and automated testing, with aid from automated security tools. This paper looks at the threats e-Commerce Applications are facing in regards with cybersecurity and intends to assist preventing vulnerabilities being exploited by malicious intended users by showing the importance of performing security testing to identify weaknesses, mitigate risks and to raise awareness of the importance of strong security measures and procedures.