Financing Terrorism: Economy's Dark Side

ATF, Black Economy, Financing Terrorism, Hidden transaction, White-Collar Crime


  • Andreea-Mădălina VÂRTEI (Primary Contact)
    Faculty of Economics Sciences, Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu, Romania


In the hidden depths of covert operations and clandestine dealings, the sinew of currency entwines in a sinister ballet, fueling the malevolent fires of terrorism, bestowing upon it the means to unleash havoc and anguish upon unsuspecting souls. Within the intricate web of the global economy, the haunting specter of terrorist financing looms large, its tendrils entangling a labyrinthine network of cartels funding jihadist endeavors, all entwined within the ideological struggle between material wealth and religious fervor. The aim of this study is to delve into the intricate layers of terrorist financing. The first layer involves conducting a literature review focusing on the 2000s, providing insights into the subject. Moving on to the second layer, a behavioral analysis of terrorist financiers is presented, highlighting the formation of alliances between terrorists and financiers. The third layer examines the utilization of advanced technology and intelligent materials in combating the issue of terrorist financing. Finally, the research concludes with an overview of the challenges posed by the influence of the black economy in a globalized world.