Cybercrimes in the Metaverse: Challenges and Solutions

metaverse, cybercrime, response, blockchain, AI policy, prevention


  • Alexandru-Valentin TEODOROV (Primary Contact)
    Faculty of Business Administration, Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Romania


The emergence of the metaverse has brought about novel opportunities for user interaction and commerce. However, with these new technologies also comes the rise of cybercrime as well as new types of cybercrime.  The current article aims to delve into the manifold forms of cybercrime that loom large in the metaverse - from virtual theft and identity theft, to cyberbullying. At the same time, the paper explores the multiple challenges that come with preventing and addressing such crimes, such as the arduous task of identifying perpetrators and the inefficacy of law enforcement as well as the necessity for new laws created for the metaverse. In conclusion, the study will explore viable solutions for preventing and mitigating cybercrimes in the metaverse. The article aims to do exploratory research of cybercrimes and technological solutions such as blockchain and AI, as well as policy and legal changes, so that the metaverse can be a safe and secure haven for all users.