Types of Attacks and Security Methods. Virtual Machines

attack, security, Virtualization, virtual machine, VMware Workstation


  • Dorina-Luminița COPACI
    lcopaci@yahoo.com (Primary Contact)
    University Politehnica Bucharest - ETTI, Bucharest, Romania
  • Constantin-Alexandru COPACI Titu Maiorescu University, Faculty of Informatics, Bucharest, Romania


Virtualization is a type of process used to create a virtual environment. Many organizations think about the security implications after implementing a new technology. Virtualization can be used in many ways and requires appropriate security controls in each situation. This paper presents the idea of using a virtual machine to share services and information over the Internet. In case of an attack, the resources of the virtual machine will be affected, while the resources of the real machine are safe. In this paper, we present the perspective of an attack by running malicious software on a virtual machine. We will show that although unauthorized control of the virtual machine is obtained, the real machine is not affected.