Artificial Intelligence and its Impact on Cybercrime

Artificial Intelligence, cybercrime, cybersecurity, deepfakes, bots


  • Carla LOZONSCHI (Primary Contact)
    “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” Police Academy, Bucharest, Romania
  • Irina BAKHAYA “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” Police Academy, Bucharest, Romania


It is well known that technology is becoming increasingly prevalent among us, and that it is evolving at a quick pace. We're hearing more and more about artificial intelligence and how it affects our lives. Opinions on AI split the globe into two camps. Therefore, we choose to discuss what Artificial Intelligence is and how it marks our lives. Is it good to employ artificial intelligence? If so, how far should this be taken? Can it be used in a bad way? Sure, but this may also play a significant role in preventing and combatting cybercrime. All of these topics will be addressed in the next article.