Countering Daesh Cognitive and Cyber Warfare with OSINT and Basic Data Mining Tools

clustering analysis, cognitive warfare, counterterrorism, Daesh, national security, virtual jihad


  • Gianluigi ME (Primary Contact)
    Department of Economics and Finance, Luiss Guido Carli University, Rome, Italy
  • Maria Felicita MUCCI S & A | Sistemi & Automazione S.p.A., Rome, Italy


Digital civilization has changed war circumstances. Emerging dangers have asymmetry, variety, and continual change; quick transmission through the network; near-immediacy; possibility for unrestricted access; and swift power to affect people’s behavior. Cognitive Warfare, an international relations issue, uses information, cyber, and psychological warfare tactics. Daesh sends threatening messages to Western countries and spreads internet propaganda to recruit new members and induce terror. The study attempts to propose a novel knowledge-based approach for detecting terrorists by examining data obtained from Twitter and leading Daesh publications, through Data Mining techniques.