Carnival of Cybercrimes - Taking off the Mask of Synthetic Identity Theft

cyberattacks, financial fraud, personal data, regulatory framework, synthetic identity theft


  • Larisa-Mădălina MUNTEANU (Primary Contact)
    JS Information Governance Ltd


This article portrays a comparative and doctrinal analysis that aims to combine theoretical and applicable knowledge over a deeply rooted, yet still unfamiliar cybercrime: synthetic identity theft. The jurisdictional dimensions explore the European Union (EU), United Kingdom (UK) and United States (US) in terms of expertise, legal initiatives, regulations and practical cases. As a prerequisite, the study has addressed the connection with identity theft and identity fraud as the Criminal Law “labels” it generally belongs to. Moreover, the most thought-provoking part represents analysing the nexus between synthetic identity theft and personal data protection, focused on security incidents. On this latter point, personal data breaches are proven as frequently being both a cause and an effect for synthetic identity theft. Subsequently, this turns out to have significant impact on individuals and organisations alike, predominantly in the financial sector, although harm may take several shapes.